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“This is the second time I hired DonStudio. The first time was +1 year ago (if I remember well). The first time they did a great job! They did the perfect wordpress theme and it was like they were reading my mind!Then after more than a year, I opened this project and puf! Donstudio bidded on my project. Without thinking twice I hired them and make them the winner bidder. Let tell you a about the Quality A clean code for wordpress theme and as I wanted. Communication: You will have the best communication and not just one person answering you but minimum 2 people will answer you, sometimes both at the same time I love this team! Communication: 10/10. Expertise: In the last minute I wanted to integrate something extra that I was trying to do. I thought it was easy but didnt work with me, then I asked them and they did it almost instantly without extra charge: Expertise: 10/10. if they say that the project will finish in 7 days, keep in mind that they will do it!”View More »

by: Hussam, Need a Wordpress Webdesign Like

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