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“In Mahon, to 24 of June of 2007 To who can interest The down signatory one, Alex Alonso, Chief of a main directorate of the network, certify that Ralph Martinez has developed to its work in this project occupying the position of Director of design and programming of DEPROWEBS, group of professionals who have developed the mentioned project. I want to point out that Mr. Ralph Martinez and DEPROWEBS, always will be in our plans of future projects and maintenance, since in addition to being an excellent collaborator and companion, its contribution has been decisive in the good march and expansion of the company. DEPROWEBS and personally Mr. Ralph Martinez have demonstrated to be a great group of professionals, to have an enormous ability to work, loyalty, dedication, as well as an implication without limits in their daily tasks. I want to stress the word "loyalty", since nowadays to find somebody of confidence and that it is there for any problem and help is complicated. I have the absolute security that DEPROWEBS will confront the new challenges today and the future, with himself enthusiasm, good for doing and making decisive contributions for the success of any organization who requires of their services as far as design and programming of Web sites and software implementation. By all it, I recommend to them in a very high level Alex Alonso Venegas Chief of staff and owner of: PS: I'm ready to answer any question, about Ralph and Donstudio, so if you need to know anything from me, please write me to: alex[@]”

by: Alex Alonso Venegas, Vicioconsolas
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