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What do you get from Us: Turnkey Solution - Fully Functional Website - Custom Design - Perfect Functionality - SEO ready - CMS ready - Secure Website - Using Latest Web Technology


All our web design, graphic design, UI, UX, it’s made Custom in all cases. We do it custom cause we know that every business it’s different, and particular, and we want to respresent your business personality in your website. If you really like to be unique and have a custom LOOK on your business online, you will want us to create your face Online.

Just take a look at Don's testimonials; I couldn't agree more. Responsive, accurate, a tenacious problem solver. And above all, a terrific sincere person to be working with. Highly recommended!

Ralph Makx

I have really enjoyed working with Don over the last few years. He has always been on the ball, professional and delivers quality projects on schedule. Prices are always more than fair. Truly a great value. Thanks, Don! Brian N.

Brian Norton

We have been utilizing services from different web developers for a number of years and no company has come close to Dons ability to produce such excellent work. Even with the time difference (UK - USA) Don is an excellent & prompt communicator and completed any request in a very timely manner. 100% Professional and creative work. Do not hesitate in awarding Don your project. Our feedback - 10 out of 10

James Richards

Why do people use WordPress and how many people use it anyway?

You might have hear about WordPress, and some people maybe mention this word a lot of times and more and more. So, WordPress it’s a PHP, MySQL CMS (Content Management System) – This CMS was made in 2003 and actually power 27% of websites on the internet – That is a lot of websites, in numbers talking something like 75 000 000 websites that are based in WordPress.

I remember wordpress back in the day when it was mainly a blog platform. I remember using Joomla, Drupal, and many other CMS but non of the other CMS where as simple and as straight forward as WordPress. And maybe this is the main reason why wordpress is so popular and so powerful. Simplicity. From a developer perspective installing a CMS maybe be the first thing that decide if you are going to keep using a CMS after installing it. My experience installing and configuring WordPress was always a 123 experience and i love how effective this is.

Using WordPress it’s also related to support, they have a huge network of Plugins and Themes around, you can do A LOT in a few clicks and this takes the costs down, and if you don’t have a lot of money to pay for a custom website with custom functionalities and everything custom made, you might want to consider going to wordpress and start your website in a few days with a few clicks and about 450 usd budget. Not the same as paying 2.5k for a custom website hehe.

From a user perspective it’s easy to understand, easy to post, easy to add images, videos, links, and everything a site would need. It’s super great for SEO and Super great for your business to have a Custom made WordPress theme for 450 usd in one week and start selling online.

If you would like to redesign your website from 20 years ago that still have HTML table based code, I would advise you to go with WordPress for a change, we can do a WordPress site for you for 450 in one week with a custom theme.

Wish you the very best 
Don M
skype: donstudio (Add me and we can chat here while working on your project)
phone: 305-407-2422 (Call me or send me SMS and I will call you back when is best for you)

Why Donstudio for your next web design project – Web Programming – WordPress – Custom website creation

We are Professionals, Affordable, Effective, We reply to you always. We send constant updates when working on your website or web design creation, and we always keep you updated. We deliver first design for homepage or mock-up creation in the first 24 hours after we start the project. We apply all needed revisions into design and later on the site as well once we code the design into the cms or custom php site. We do wordpress sites but we also do custom php sites, if you don’t like wordpress we are okay with that and we can use any other ready made CMS or create a unique custom made CMS for you. ALL of our design is Custom Made, UNIQUE.

We will never lie to you, we always tell you the trust and this is why we have been on the web design business for over 13 years and we have clients, and keep creating websites and custom web design.

We can do websites, but we also can do web applications, if you wish to create a web application we can program as well for you.

We can do Custom Mobile UI – Our websites are always responsive, html5 based, and SEO ready.

We are online in Skype, we are based in Miami, FL, US We have a phone number 305-407-2422 you can call me now and i will reply your call or leave me a message or send SMS and tell the best time to call you back i will be calling you back to discuss your project or to talk about your future website.

We provide professional, cost effective websites for your business. We want your business to shine online and to convert and generate leads for you. We want your success to ensure our success in the process and advance together with you to the top of the hill.

We will take care of the whole website design process from start to finish, and we will always be here after we complete and install the website for you, we will always be here when you need us, to give you a hand, to help, to apply redesigns, to fix any issue. We are always ready to assist you with your website, web app, webdesign, or custom web design or custom mobile app ui design.

We are open for new web design projects now

Please view some of the sites we have done: (Our Online Portfolio) (Auto parts store in Australia) (Company website in England) (Professionals Directory in Canada) (Medical Store in Miami) (Company website in the US) (CleanFill marketplace in Canada) (Comedy improv group) (Company Website in the US)

All these websites have been created and produced by us at

Wish you the very best 
Don M
skype: donstudio (Add me and we can chat here while working on your project)
phone: 305-407-2422 (Call me or send me SMS and I will call you back when is best for you)

Html Website old site conversion to New Site WordPress powered

We are ready to update your site, redesign your site and make 2019 ready, we are ready to give you the power of CMS, using wordpress or any other CMS or even Custom CMS. If you have a website that was made in 2000, we are ready to rock your site and bring it to 2019. It’s about time to give a new face to your online business and we will be pleased to be a part of that success for you. Our price starts in $450 USD, for a complete redesign and recreation of your website into a new custom designed WordPress based website with full Responsive, Fully managed by CMS (Content Management System), SEO ready, and we can also use the power of DIVI builder to make your site shine and alive!

Web Programmer/Designer Mobile App Creation

My name is Don MG, for the past 13 years, I've been doing web design and programming online. I have created hundreds of websites, custom websites, custom programming, e-commerce, company websites, blogs, and many other internet ventures. I see myself as a web weaver. I do all my web design UI custom made, originally I do not use premade templates.

Some of the services we are targeting at
Landing Page Creation
Company Website
Brochure Website
Newsletter Design
DIVI Custom Themes (we include lifetime license)
Wordpress Custom themes
HTML5 Coding
CSS3 Coding
E-commerce Guru
Prestashop Themes
Woocommerce Themes
Prestashop Plugins
Woocommerce Plugins

I would be pleased to work with you and create a beautiful and fully functional website for your business.

I wish you all the best
Don M
Skype: donstudio 

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