You might have hear about WordPress, and some people maybe mention this word a lot of times and more and more. So, WordPress it’s a PHP, MySQL CMS (Content Management System) – This CMS was made in 2003 and actually power 27% of websites on the internet – That is a lot of websites, in numbers talking something like 75 000 000 websites that are based in WordPress.

I remember wordpress back in the day when it was mainly a blog platform. I remember using Joomla, Drupal, and many other CMS but non of the other CMS where as simple and as straight forward as WordPress. And maybe this is the main reason why wordpress is so popular and so powerful. Simplicity. From a developer perspective installing a CMS maybe be the first thing that decide if you are going to keep using a CMS after installing it. My experience installing and configuring WordPress was always a 123 experience and i love how effective this is.

Using WordPress it’s also related to support, they have a huge network of Plugins and Themes around, you can do A LOT in a few clicks and this takes the costs down, and if you don’t have a lot of money to pay for a custom website with custom functionalities and everything custom made, you might want to consider going to wordpress and start your website in a few days with a few clicks and about 450 usd budget. Not the same as paying 2.5k for a custom website hehe.

From a user perspective it’s easy to understand, easy to post, easy to add images, videos, links, and everything a site would need. It’s super great for SEO and Super great for your business to have a Custom made WordPress theme for 450 usd in one week and start selling online.

If you would like to redesign your website from 20 years ago that still have HTML table based code, I would advise you to go with WordPress for a change, we can do a WordPress site for you for 450 in one week with a custom theme.

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Don M
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